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UAC Class Schedules and Additional Enrollment Questions

We are excited to welcome you to your courses at UA Cossatot. Whether you will be joining our community college family online or in person, we invite you to click the following links to access the PDF version of the current or upcoming semester's full course schedule. If you have not yet enrolled as a student with UAC and are looking for more information on the enrollment process, please visit our Apply & Enroll page.

Available Course Offerings:  Registration Form

           Fall 2024 Course Offerings
           Summer 2024 Course Offerings
           Spring 2024 Course Offerings
           Fall 2023 Course Offerings
           Summer 2023 Course Offerings
           Spring 2023 Course Offerings           

Campus Connect Course Search

If you’re looking for specific course information to begin your class registration plans, just click on the "Campus Connect Course Search" link below  - you will not have to log in. Once the Course Search tool loads, just choose a semester from the drop-down menu and start searching for your courses.

When do classes start at UA Cossatot?

Spring 2024 classes begin on January 16, 2024 and Summer 2024 classes begin on June 3, 2024.

Registration is now open for both the Spring and Summer semesters.

How do I complete the enrollment process?

If you are a current UA Cossatot student, you will need to contact your advisor to enroll in upcoming semesters or if you have additional questions about completing your associate degree program or certification course.

First-time students and other non-current UAC students must apply or reapply for admission at UA Cossatot before enrolling in courses for the semester. Please contact Student Services if you require additional assistance with the application process or visit our Apply & Enroll page for more information about joining UAC.

UA Cossatot Academic Advisors

If you wish to contact your academic advisor about your upcoming class registration and enrollment plans, please click the picture below that corresponds with your current advisor. Advisors can connect with you via email, text, phone call, and Ring Central.




Holly Norman

Phone/Text/Fax: 870-584-1470

Chantal Alonso


Rachel Hickey



Sheila McCandless


Robyn Slagle


Hannah McClendon




How do I pay for my classes or set up a payment plan?

Financial aid and scholarship opportunities are currently available for the fall semester. Please visit the Financial Aid, FAFSA, Scholarships, and State Scholarships and Grants pages to view all available options. To set up a payment plan with UAC, please visit the Payments page for more information. If you have additional questions and are not yet a student at UAC, please contact any of the admissions advisors listed above.

How much do textbooks cost?

UAC is proud to report that 64% of UA Cossatot courses do not require a textbook!  Students enrolled in these courses will be able to use open educational resources to complete their coursework. 

For courses that do require textbook rentals, UA Cossatot charges a $30 per-course fee that covers all required textbooks for that course. Currently, only 5 classes at UA Cossatot require a full textbook purchase. Students can rent or purchase textbooks through UA Cossatot’s Educational Resource Center. A full list of course resource information can be found here

How do I get help with classwork?

The UA Cossatot Educational Resource Center offers in-person tutoring on all campuses throughout the duration of summer classes and the fall semester. For tutoring hours and other ERC services, please visit the ERC's webpage.

Free online tutoring is also now available through the ERC – 24/7. Through, students can get assistance through their computer, smartphone, or tablet in the following subjects:  

  • Mathematics (Algebra, Algebra II, Basic Math, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry)
  • Science (Basic, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)
  • Business (Accounting, Finance, and Economics)
  • English, Writing, and History (including real-time writing help).

Academic Calendars

View the most recent and upcoming academic calendars from UAC by clicking on the following links:

Summer 2025 Academic Calendar
Spring 2025 Academic Calendar
Fall 2024 Academic Calendar
Summer 2024 Academic Calendar
Spring 2024 Academic Calendar
Fall 2023 Academic Calendar
Summer 2023 Academic Calendar
Spring 2023 Academic Calendar
Fall 2022 Academic Calendar


Past UAC Course and Academic Schedules