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Welcome to the Institutional Research page of UA Cossatot, your gateway to comprehensive data and insights that illuminate the academic heartbeat of our institution. As the cornerstone of informed decision-making, our office is dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and share accurate and relevant information about all facets of university life, from student demographics and achievements to faculty research and operational effectiveness.

Explore our page to find detailed reports on enrollment trends, graduation rates, program evaluations, and much more. We are committed to fostering a culture of transparency and accountability, ensuring that UA Cossatot remains a leader in higher education. Join us in navigating the rich landscape of data that shapes our present and future.

Data and Analytics:

At UA Cossatot, we're proud of the vibrant, supportive, and challenging academic environment we've created to foster student success. our Commitment to excellence is reflected in the achievements of our students, both in their academic pursuits and in their professional endeavorts post-graduation. Here's a snapshot of our recent student achievement data: 

Graduation Rates

  • Overall Graduation Rate:  46% of full-time, first time degree-seeking undergraduate students, a testament to our supportive academic environment and dedicated faculty.

Academic Achievements

  • Chancellor's List: Each semester, an average of 15% of our students earn a spot on the Chancellor's List, achieving a GPA of 4.0.
  • Vice Chancellor's List: Each semester, an average of 10% of our students earn a spot on the Vice Chancellor's list, achieving a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Awards and Recognition: Outstanding Student for 2023 is Litzi Flores. Outstanding Alumni, Roy Jetton.

Student Testimonials

Licensure Pass Rates



Reports and Surveys:


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IPEDS 2019
IPEDS 2020
IPEDS 2021
IPEDS 2022                                                                                                  IPEDS 2023

Institutional Effectiveness:

UAC Assessment Plan

For additional assessment information, please see the following link: Student Learning Assessment ( 

HLC Action Plan

For additional information, please see the following link:Higher Learning Commission ( 

Contact Information:

Director of Institutional Research, Shawna Stinnett

Currently, data requests are submitted via email and will be promptly reviewed. 


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