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The objective of the Center for Student Success is to provide support, resources, motivation, and assistance to all students of the college, including women, veterans, Asians, African-Americans and Hispanics as they progress through their educational experience at UA Cossatot.  

The Center for Student Success promotes diversity, unity, and overall student well-being. Collaborating with other UA Cossatot organizations, the CSS promotes unity across all campuses, provides non-academic services and personal support for all students. 



Our mission is to provide a multicultural society through various events and activities and is committed to creating a culture where everyone is respected, appreciated, and valued.




Erika Buenrrostro C.P.C./ Director for Student Success and Enrichment

She was born in Mexico City, Mexico and has worked for UA Cossatot in De Queen Arkansas since 2013. Certified life coach who received her Associates of Arts degree in 2006 at UA Cossatot, Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Development in 2008 and Masters of Education from U of A Fayetteville in 2016. Erika has also completed 18 Graduate level credits towards a second Masters in Romance Language from the University of New Orleans. She also teaches Spanish for UA Cossatot and holds various training and certifications. Erika writes and manages grants for the center and is an exceptional, highly motivated, dedicated person who carries the attitude and compassion for the community she serves. She is a higher education advocate leading student initiatives in Sevier County. Additionally, Erika represents the college on statewide panels and conferences. In addition to her service and education Erika is a board member for CADC, chair for the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Sevier Co., Rotary Club, Southwest Mental Health and sits on other various local and statewide committees.

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Beverly Litchford

JAG Coach

From Horatio, Arkansas, Beverly Litchford has worked for the college since August 2014. She received her Associates of Applied Science and Business in 2015, 2006. Beverly in 2006 graduated with her Associates of Applied Science in Business Management and holds various certifications and trainings. Beverly heads up the Nashville food pantry. She also works with a cohort of students experiencing barriers to success in education, particularly in higher education on the Nashville and De Queen campuses.

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Angel Olguin

JAG Coach

Angel is a native of De Queen, Arkansas, and a De Queen High School alum. In 2017, he graduated from UA Cossatot with an Associates of Arts degree. Henderson State University awarded him a Bachelor of Science in Education with a focus on art education in 2020. As an art teacher at Ashdown School District, Angel gained invaluable experience working with students. He currently oversees the food pantry at Ashdown Campus. At the Ashdown and De Queen campuses, Angel will be working with a group of students who face obstacles to their academic success, particularly in higher education.

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Litzi Flores

Title III Soft Skill and Financial Literacy Trainer

Litzi is a 2022 graduate of De Queen High School and holds an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice and a Technical Certificate in General Studies from UA Cossatot. Litzi heads up the De Queen food pantry and has vast experience in community planning, leadership development, civic awareness, service learning, career preparation and social awareness. She is actively involved in the UAC Student Ambassador and JAG, Rotaract, and Phi Theta Kappa programs. Litzi is currently working towards a criminal Justice degree from UCA. Her goal is to become an immigration lawyer and be a voice for those that are not able to speak up for themselves.


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Misti Eudy

Student Activities Coordinator/ Phi Theta Kappa / Ambassador Sponsor

Mist is a graduate of Foreman High School. She graduated from UA Cossatot with her Associates of Arts: Teaching, Associates in General Studies, Associate of Science: AEK6, Certificate of Proficiency: Teaching, Technical Certificate: General Studies and a Technical Certificate: Teaching in 2023. Misti helps provide Student Ambassadors and Phi Theta Kappa with leadership by establishing goals, planning activities, and facilitating successful implementation. As part of the ambassador program, Misti focuses on civic engagement, leadership development, community engagement, service learning, career preparation, and feed the students events. She also works with current and other student organizations to help implement policies and procedures.



  • Soft Skills

While academics and technical skills are important, soft skills play a fundamental role in personal and professional success by enabling individuals to effectively navigate the complexities of human interaction, communication, and collaboration. To have both academic and soft skills make for the best canditate for any job.  

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Let us help you apply for SNAP!

SNAP provides monthly benefits helping low-income households buy the food they need.  SNAP operates at a local level through Arkansas Department of Human Services.  Nationally, SNAP is the largest program in the domestic hunger safety net.  Benefits are provided on an easy-to-use.  Benefits transfer (EBT) card that can be swiped at the store. 

To schedule an appointment specifically with someone from our CSS team to help you apply CLICK HERE or email anyone from our team HERE!

Establishing a food pantry on a college campus provides invaluable support to students facing food insecurity.   By having a food pantry on all our campuses we help address the needs of students experiencing food insecurity and contributes to a more supportive and inclusive campus environment.

Reach out to anyone in the Center for Student Success to coordinate food pickup by Emailing the Center for Student Success.  

Networking is essential for college students to build connections, explore career opportunities, and enhance their professional development. 

Please take a moment to view this networking video and learn how networking is crucial for students as it not only opens doors to career opportunities but also fosters personal and professional growth.   

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Our team helps students prepare for success in higher education by providing guidance, support, and resources tailored to their individual needs. They assist students in navigating the college application process, understanding financial aid options, developing academic and organizational skills, and transitioning smoothly into college life.

Click Here to access the CSS- College Guide.  This guide is designed to provide information and assistance to individuals navigating the process of selecting and preparing for colleges or universities. It contains a wealth of information that will benefit highs school students who are in their freshman, sophmore, junior and senior year.  

You can also reach out to anyone in the Center for Student Success to set up an appointment with one of our team members CLICKING HERE!

Resource HUB that aims to help resolve issues such as personal, medical, academic, familial, etc. to a wide range of support services and resources that promote student success, well-being, and equity. By addressing the holistic needs of students and fostering collaboration and coordination among stakeholders, these hubs play a vital role in creating inclusive and supportive campus environments.  

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Because we understand that life happens... a life coach can be a valuable investment in one's personal development, providing guidance, support, and encouragement on the journey towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

CLICK HERE to learn what is a Life Coach or to schedule an appointment with one of our certified professionals CLICK HERE!

LSWA es una pagina informativa de servicio social basada en la comunidad cuya mision y proposito principal es ayudar a proporcionar recursos a las familias de habla hispana del suroeste de Arkansas.  

Accede la página de Recursos Para Latinos de Southwest Arkansas AQUI. 

Leadership development trainings at the college level play a vital role in preparing students to lead in various contexts, whether it be in the workplace, community, or society at large. These trainings provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary to become effective leaders and make a positive difference in the world. 

We focus our trainings on the following 5 Leadership Pillars

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Career Preparation
  3. Service Learning
  4. Social Awareness
  5. Civic Engagement

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  • Educational workshops for students
  • Health fairs for students and community members
  • Celebrations of unity and diversity creating awareness within UA Cossatot and service area communities
  • Collaboration with the region’s industries to promote diversity, place emphasis on the importance of higher education as well as provide overall community awareness
  • Networking opportunities with outside professional ethnic organizations:  Providing resources to the community and to close the diverse cultural and societal gap that exists



The Center for Student Success houses two main student programs.   

  • Student Ambassador Program
    • A UA Cossatot Student Ambassador is a student who is chosen to be the face of UA Cossatot on campus and in the community. They are an active voice for the UA Cossatot student body. Through a joint effort with Student Services and other Student Ambassadors, they reach out to prospective students, sharing personal UA Cossatot experiences and successes. UA Cossatot Student Ambassadors are hard-working, honest, curious, adventurous, and have strong communication skills and high academic standards.  

Click Here to Contact Misti Eudy via phone or Email to learn about our Ambassador Program.  


  • JAG- Jobs for America's Graduates
    • JAG is a state-based national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting young people of great promise. JAG is delivering the best results in its 40-year history, while serving youth who face significant challenges, to help them reach economic and academic success.

CLICK HERE to reach out to Angel Olguin or Beverly Litchford regarding our JAG program.  




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