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Facility Rental by the Public

UA Cossatot makes selected facilities on each campus available for use by students, faculty, staff, alumni, individuals, and community groups whose purpose is to promote the educational process or contribute to the social, cultural, or recreational life of the community. All facilities are owned by UA Cossatot and maintained at the expense of the College. Priority is given to College-related classes, events, and meetings. Reservation requests/inquiries may be made by contacting the UA Cossatot Facility Reservations Office:

1411 N. Constitution Ave.
Ashdown, Arkansas 71822
Telephone/Fax: (870) 584-1462

Reservation requests by the general public must be made at least 30 days prior to the event. To request use of one our facilities, click on the following link.


Available Facilities

  • Barbara Horn Civic Center

The Civic Center consists of three rooms, each approximately 2,000 square feet. The space is equipped with collapsable walls, so rentals can include one, two, or all three rooms. There is also a kitchen available, for an additional fee, to use for light cooking, catering, and/or meal staging. The Civic Center is equipped with a public address audio system and projector. There is a 128 ft2 portable stage available for use with any rental; the stage can be used in any combination of 16 ft2. Each room has a capacity of up to 100 people, and the maximum capacity for the Civic Center as a whole is 400 people. Capacity is dependent upon room setup.


  • Millwood Room:

The Millwood Room is a general use room that can accomodate various gatherings. The room has a projector and can accommodate up to 75 people.

  • Meeting Spaces
    • Adams Building 

The Adams Building has 4 classrooms that can be reserved individually or in-combination. Each classroom has a maximum capacity of 25 people. The entire space has a maximum capacity of 100 people.

    • Skilled Trades Building

The Skilled Trades Building has two rooms available for rent. One is a classroom that can accommodate up to 30 people. The other space is the Weyerhaeuser Room, used for larger gatherings of up to 150 people. There is a large overhead door to allow placement of large items, equipment, and/or vehicles. The room is equipped with a projector and public address audio system.

  • Entertainment Venue

The Cossatot Amphitheater is an outdoor entertainment venue with a covered, elevated stage and grass berm seating which can accommodate crowds of approximately 1500 people. The facility also has a Green Room with kitchenette, max capacity of 20 people, that is included with amphitheater rental. The Green Room is also available for rent separately at a reduced cost compared to the amphitheater. The amphitheater has enough electric service to power concert-style sound systems. There is also a detached restroom facility on-site that is included with amphitheater rental.

  • Bank of Lockesburg Gymnasium

The Bank of Lockesburg Gymnasium is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Completed in 1953 for the now-closed Lockesburg School District, the gym has a college regulation-width playing floor, elevated stage, and wooden bleacher seating for approximately 400 people. This facility is only available when the UA Cossatot Colts basketball teams are not in-season or conducting off-season workouts. Please contact UA Cossatot's Facility Reservation Office for availability.

  • Conference Rooms

There are two conference rooms available at Lockesburg. The Gym Conference Room is located in the basement of the gymnasium and can accommodate up to 40 people. There is a kitchenette and presentation capabilities. There second conference room is the Heritage Conference Room, located in the Heritage Building located directly west of the gymnasium. This space has an modern, executive-style meeting table for up to 10 people; there is ancillary seating available for an additional 10-15 people. The room also has a serving window to the adjacent kitchenette.

There are two, general purpose classroom spaces available for rent. They can be rented individually or together. Each room has a maximum capacity 25 people.

Below you will find the procedure governing UA Cossatot's facility rentals. Upon completion of the reservation request, each renter must acknowlegde that they have received and read this procedure.

UA Cossatot Facility Reservation Procedure
UA Cossatot Facility Rental Fees

To submit a reservation request, click the following link. will open in a new window.

For more information, contact Barry Reed at 870-584-1462 or