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UA Cossatot is committed to providing an environment that emphasizes the dignity and worth of every member of its community and that is free from harassment and discrimination based upon race, color, religion, national origin, service in the uniformed services (as defined in state and federal law), veteran status, sex, age, pregnancy, physical or mental disability or genetic information. Such an environment is necessary to a healthy learning, working and living atmosphere. Accordingly, all acts of discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct are strictly prohibited.  (Also, see College Policy 216).

Title IX Updated Policy

Training for New Students
If you are a new student with UA Cossatot, you should have received an email from "Workplace Answers" providing a link to take an online training over issues covered under Title IX.  If you have taken courses with us before, AFTER receiving your high school diploma or GED, please disregard this email for training purposes.  However, please take note that it is essential that you complete your training as soon as possible.  If you have not received your email, you should contact Justin White at immediately.  The training takes approximately 2 hours to complete but can be saved and resumed at a later time.



Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 states:

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”
Implementing Regulations at:  20 U.S.C. § 1681 & 34 C.F.R. Part 106

Title IX protects the college community from sexual discrimination, harassment and misconduct in a school’s education programs and activities. Title IX protects the college community in connection with all academic, educational, extracurricular, athletic and other college programs, whether those programs take place on college property, in college transportation, as a class or training program sponsored by the college, or at another location or elsewhere.

***All complaints or concerns about conduct that may violate policy should be submitted to the Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Assistant Coordinator or to a Title IX Deputy either in person or by calling 1-800-844-4471.

Title IX Deputies

Title IX Coordinator, Director of Student Services
     Suzanne Ward
Title IX Assistant Coordinator, Director of Human Resources
     Kelly Plunk 

Title IX Education & Prevention Deputy, Coordinator for the Center for Student Success
     Erika Buenrrostro
Title IX Deputy
     Holly Norman
Title IX Deputy
     Rachel Hikey

Title IX officials may be contacted in person, by email or by calling 1-800-844-4471
UA Cossatot has a no-tolerance policy regarding retaliation for reporting, providing information, exercising one’s rights or responsibilities, or otherwise being involved in the process of responding to, investigating, or addressing allegations of Title IX. Individuals taking part in retaliation, intimidation, threats, coercion, or discrimination, undertaken or attempted either directly or by someone acting on behalf of another, will be subject to immediate disciplinary action. 

Filing a Report with Local Law Enforcement

In some instances, sexual misconduct may constitute both a violation of college policy and criminal activity. The college grievance process is not a substitute for instituting legal action. The college encourages individuals to report alleged sexual misconduct promptly to campus officials and to law enforcement authorities, where appropriate. Individuals may also contact any of the following for assistance in filing a report with local law enforcement:

Campus Police Officers 

Monte Stringfellow – DeQueen Campus
Office:  870-584-1116
Jason Curtis – Ashdown Campus
Office:  870-584-1476
Cell:  870-582-5609
Lakisha Jones – Nashville Campus
Office: 870-584-1392
Cell: 870-557-1714

Local City Police Department 

De Queen Police Department
220 N. Second Street
870-642-2213 or
911 for emergency

Nashville Police Department

426 Main Street
870-845-3434 or
911 for emergency
Ashdown Police Department
745 Locust Avenue
870-898-5640 or
911 for emergency

Student and Visitor Responsibility to Report

Students and visitors to the college are strongly encouraged to report allegations of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, or a Title IX Deputy. A report should be made as soon as possible after the incident in order to facilitate an effective response. The longer a report is delayed, the more difficult it will be for the college to investigate. Reports may be made by the person experiencing the misconduct or by a third party, such as a witness or someone who is told of the misconduct.

Mandatory Employee Reporting

In order to enable the college to respond effectively and to proactively stop instances of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and sexual misconduct, all employees must, within 24 hours of receiving information regarding a potential violation of this policy, report information to the Title IX Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, or a Title IX Deputy. Only employees who are statutorily prohibited from reporting such information (e.g., licensed health-care professionals) are exempt from these reporting requirements. 

Off-Campus Conduct

Conduct that occurs off campus can be the subject of a complaint or report and will be evaluated to determine whether it violates policy.  Allegations of off-campus sexual misconduct are of particular concern and should be brought to the college’s attention.


Subject to the other provisions of this policy and the requirements of law, every possible effort will be made to ensure that all information received as part of the college’s Complaint/Grievance Procedure is treated discreetly. All parties to the complaint are required to maintain the confidentiality of all information received during this process. However, it is not possible to guarantee that all complaints will remain confidential because of the college’s obligation to investigate allegations of misconduct. All requests to maintain confidentiality shall be directed to the Title IX Coordinator who has the authority to make such determinations.
Except as compelled by law or in the interest of fairness, just resolution or health and safety considerations, disclosure of information contained in complaints, their substance, procedures and the results of investigations will be limited to the immediate parties, witnesses and other appropriate officials. Limited disclosure may also be necessary to conduct a full and impartial investigation. 

Availability of Counseling and Advocacy

Counseling and other mental health services for victims of sexual assault are available in the community. Students who are victims of sexual assault should immediately contact UA Cossatot Police. 
Community mental health agencies, counselors, and psychotherapists in private practice can provide individual and group therapy. Women’s shelters or domestic violence and rape crisis programs may assist in making referrals for individual counseling and support groups and identifying non-counseling campus and community resources that may be of additional help and service as a victim advocate upon request.