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GIS-Skilled Technicians in Agriculture-Related Sciences (GSTARS)

The GSTARS program will include the integration of GIS skills into existing agriculture and science courses, the creation of a new course (Introduction to GIS in Agriculture) within the agriculture department, and the addition of a Certification of Proficiency in GIS Technology through the agriculture program. Students will use applications of analysis of spatial data using ESRI’s ArcGIS tools in data collection, remote sensing, map design, and spatial analysis.

Design and implement a curriculum that meets the need for technician-level GIS skills in agriculture and related science industries in southwest Arkansas.

• Providing faculty with training in GIS technology instruction
• Developing a new Introduction to GIS course
• Establishing a new certificate of proficiency (CP) in GIS Technology
• Incorporating and expanding industry defined GIS instruction in agriculture and related science curriculum
• Engaging industry partners in curriculum design and student learning experiences

Funding provided by National Science Foundation

News & Media
UA Cossatot Receives NSF ATE Grant, April 2021

Principal Investigator
Kelli Harris - 870-584-1218 -

Co-Principal Investigators
Crystal Sims - 870-584-1134 -
Robert Guillory - 870-584-1130 -

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