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Consumer Information

At UA Cossatot, we believe in transparency and providing current and prospective students with comprehensive information to help them make informed decisions about their college education. Below, you will find key information related to our institution, including academic programs, financial aid, campus safety, and more.

Accreditation and Licensure Information:

Under federal regulations (34 CFR 668.43(a)(6) & 34 CFR 668.72(n)), the University of Arkansas Cossatot (UAC) is obligated to disclose whether its degree programs align with U.S. educational requirements for licensure.

The UAC academic programs listed below are specifically designed to prepare students for careers in licensed professions upon program completion. Graduates of these programs typically require a professional license to practice or secure employment in their respective fields. 

Medical Education 


For additional information on Federal Discloures, please click here

Accreditation Information

Institutional Memberships and Accreditation

The following is a list of accrediting, approving, and licensing bodies.

Institutional Memberships

  • Arkansas Association for the Assessment of Collegiate Learning (AAACL)
  • Arkansas Association for Continuing and Adult Education (AACAE)
  • Arkansas Association of College and University Business Officers (AACUBO)
  • Arkansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (ArkACRAO)
  • Arkansas Association of Higher Education and Disability (ARK-AHEAD)
  • Arkansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (AASFAA)
  • Arkansas Community Colleges (ACC)
  • American Association of Community Colleges
  • Arkansas Institutional Research Organization (AIRO)
  • Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)
  • Chamber of Commerce- De Queen / Sevier County, Little River County, City of Nashville, City of Dierks, City of Murfreesboro
  • Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
  • Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)
  • Learning Ally
  • National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO)
  • National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA)
  • National Junior College Athletic Association (NJACC)
  • NIRSA Leaders in Collegiate Recreation
  • Open Education Network
  • Southern Association of College and University Business Officers (SACUBO)


Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604 / 800.621.7440           
Accredited May 1, 1998
Pathway: Standard
Most recent reaffirmation of accreditation: 2019-2020
Next reaffirmation of accreditation: 2029-2030


Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education
4720 Montgomery Lane, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814-3449 / 301.652.2682
Accredited December 2013
Reaffirmation: 2019
Next reaffirmation: 2028/2029
Certificate of Reaffirmation
ACOTE Online


Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)
1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Telephone: 703-706-3245; email:; website:
Accreditation Granted: October 2019
Next reaffirmation: 2024
Letter of Affirmation

Approved by

Approving Agencies

  • Arkansas Department of Higher Education
  • University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees
  • University of Arkansas Cossatot Board of Visitors

Note: Students may receive a copy for review of the UA Cossatot’s accreditations, licensure, or approvals upon written request to the Vice Chancellor of Academics.

The links below provide access to detailed accreditation information.

  • Special facilities and services available to disabled students - All UA Cossatot facilities are ADA compliant. Reasonable academic and service accommodations will be made upon request to UA Cossatot's Disabilities Counselor.
  • Federal education loans -UA Cossatot does not participate in any federal student loan programs
  • Study abroad programs -UA Cossatot does not participate in any study abroad programs


UA Cossatot embraces diversity and is committed to improving the lives of those in our region by providing quality education, outstanding service, and relevant industry training.



Programs of Study, Associate Degrees, and Professional Certifications


Concurrent Courses 

Sophomores, juniors and seniors are able to take up to two concurrent courses for free per semester through the Concurrent Challenge Scholarship. No extra paperwork is required by the student for this scholarship as the High School Programs department ensures their information is submitted to state institutions for reimbursement.

All dual/concurrent enrollment courses taken at UA Cossatot (UAC) will count for college credit and will be included on UAC transcripts. UA Cossatot does not award high school credit. It is the student’s responsibility to request high school credit from their high school counselor or career coach.

For all concurrent enrollment requirements, please see the second page of the Concurrent Class Enrollment Form listed in the documents below.














Students who are concurrently enrolled must maintain a 2.5 GPA in UA Cossatot classes. Failure to achieve a 2.5 GPA will result in the student being barred from enrollment in additional UA Cossatot classes until after graduation from high school.

All concurrent enrollment courses are fully transferable within the state of Arkansas. Please visit the Arkansas Course Transfer Systems (ACTS) Website for more information. For those interested in employment opportunities within the CEP at UAC, teaching requirements are the same as other transfer courses: a master’s degree with 18 hours in the field or a closely-related field.
If a parent, student, faculty member, or school district personnel has any questions concerning the Concurrent Enrollment Program, its courses, or faculty, please contact Julie Rhodes at or 870-584-1343.

23-24 Concurrent Student Handbook
Concurrent Admission Application
Concurrent Class Enrollment
Concurrent Drop Form


Secondary Career Center

We encourage students to jumpstart their career while still in high school! The SCC is available to juniors and seniors.

Here are some reasons to choose the SCC:

·       Earn college credit toward a technical degree during high school.

·       Complete technical certificates while still in high school.

·       Explore career fields that are in demand in the labor market now and in the future.

·       Work with professionals who know how to help you meet success in school and in life.

·       Meet new people who have similar interests and career plans.

·       Students take SCC classes for FREE. 

SCC Programs Offered

Automotive & Diesel Service Technology – UAC DeQueen

UA Cossatot’s new program combines both Automotive Technology and Diesel Technology allowing students a broad area of study to increase employment opportunities. Students learn to work on brake systems, drive trains, electronic circuits, hydraulic systems, and diesel engines, all of which are valuable skills for a successful career. Additional coursework includes automatic transmission and transaxles, heating & air conditioning systems, engine performance, and engine repair. These skills will allow individuals to be eligible for certifications as an automotive or diesel technicians. The program will consist of stackable credentials beginning with Certificates of Proficiency in each discipline area, contributing to a Technical Certificate that includes each of the three discipline areas leading to an AAS degree in General Technology. The course is taught by a certified automotive technician.

Medical Professions – UAC DeQueen & Nashville

This program of study is designed to provide students with the basic skills and knowledge needed for a career in the health care field. It will provide completers with entry-level employment skills and the opportunity to articulate with a post-secondary program leading to a higher level of mastery. Emphasis is given to medical terminology, procedures, health and disease of the human body, as well as the role of technology in health care careers. The students receive Certification in CPR and First Aid.

Industrial Technology – UAC Lockesburg (LIMI)

Industrial Technology provides students with the skills needed to perform general duties required in entry-level maintenance or production jobs with greatly increased employment opportunities.

Welding Technology – UAC DeQueen & Nashville

This program of study prepares students to apply technical knowledge and skills to unite or separate metal parts by heating, using a variety of techniques and equipment. The students will study theory and application of oxy-acetylene cutting, shielded metal arc, and gas metal arc (MIG). Safety practices are emphasized.

23-24 SCC Student Handbook 

2023-2024 SCC Program Rotation 


FALL 2023 SPRING 2024










FALL 2023 SPRING 2024






FALL 2023 SPRING 2024




To determine student eligibility in the Secondary Career Center, it is best to contact your high school counselor. Generally, students must have a high school GPA of 2.5 to 4.0 to be considered to take concurrent classes through the Secondary Career Center. 

Students who are concurrently enrolled must maintain a 2.5 GPA in UA Cossatot classes. Failure to achieve a 2.5 GPA will result in the student being barred from enrollment in additional UA Cossatot classes until after graduation from high school.

Academic Course Catalog and Student Handbook

The UA Cossatot Academic Catalog and Student Handbook are published for the purpose of providing information about the College and its programs. This online version of the Catalog and Student Handbook will be updated, as necessary, to provide you the most current and accurate information available. Therefore, you should reference this version rather than a printed copy of the Academic Catalog and Student Handbook in order to have the most up to date information. Alternative formats of catalog information may be received by contacting Student Services at 800-844-4471.

Faculty and students are responsible for keeping informed regarding the information contained in this Catalog and other official communications issued by the College regarding regulations, policies, and requirements affecting the employee and the student’s status at the College. Communication venues include but are not limited to, UA Cossatot email, USPS, written announcements, oral announcements, web statements, and Blackboard announcements.

For additional information please visit the following link:

Course Catalog (

Online Programs

UA Cossatot offers many courses, certificates, and degrees that are completely online. These fully accredited courses and programs allow you to continue your education from home or on-the-go; providing you with the flexibility to balance family, work, and your education.

Our online courses and programs are taught by UA Cossatot’s faculty who are experts in their fields. The credits earned from these courses are identical to any of the traditional, on-campus courses we offer. Your online course will be comprised of the same academically challenging content as our traditional courses and will count towards earning a degree or certificate from UA Cossatot.


For additional information visit the following link:

Online College Courses & Certificate Programs (


Admissions and Student Affairs:

UA Cossatot Community College Application,

Enrollment & Registration Information


Thank you for considering UA Cossatot as the next step in your academic career. We look forward to seeing you on our campus and helping you reach each of your educational and career goals.

UA Cossatot is an open-enrollment institution, and most students with a high school degree, GED, or previously-acquired college degree are accepted for registration once they have completed the admissions process. If you are interested in attending UAC in the upcoming school year, we invite you to view each step of our application and enrollment process below. 

If you need assistance or additional information regarding the admissions requirements at UA Cossatot, please do not hesitate to contact any of our Admissions Advisors found in “Step 3” of the enrollment process.

2022 Higher Education Consumer Guide CCCUA Facts


 Complete the Admissions Application Process 

(Please use the Google Chrome web browser to ensure compatibility.)

If you are applying for the Spring 2024 or Summer 2024 semesters, complete our current admissions application:


If you are applying for the Fall 2024 semester, we are introducing a new application. This short video shows the easy step-by-step process for completing the application. 


Upon processing your Admissions Application, one of our Admissions Advisors from our De Queen, Ashdown, or Nashville campuses will contact you to guide you through the remainder of the admissions and enrollment process. We will also send you a letter to inform you of any additional documents or information required to complete your registration. This letter will also include your assigned student ID number, declared major, and the name of your assigned program advisor.

Your acceptance to UA Cossatot will be in “pending“ status until all required admission documents are received. These required documents include:

  • Official High School Transcript or GED Scores – Provide official transcripts from the high school or home school attended. Per AR Code § 6-80-107 institutions within Arkansas must send electronic transcripts if possible. International transcripts MUST be certified and translated into English to be considered. GED graduates must provide GED test scores. Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher are not required to provide high school transcripts or GED information but must provide their official college/university transcripts.
  • Placement Test Scores – ACCUPLACER, ACT, and SAT standardized test scores are accepted. UA Cossatot Testing Centers administer the ACCUPLACER free of charge after the application for admission has been processed. ACCUPLACER retakes are $10.00 per section per attempt.
  • Proof of (2) MMR Immunizations – Arkansas state law (Act 141 of 1987) requires proof of two (2) immunizations against measles (rubeola), one (1) immunization against rubella, and one (1) against mumps. UA Cossatot will attempt to obtain an immunization record from the Arkansas Department of Health database. If needed, students may go to the local county health office for additional immunizations. To claim a medical, philosophical, or religious immunization exemption, contact the Department of Health at 501-661-2169 or go to Proof of immunity as documented by serological testing (titer test) must be verified with the Department of Health. Students born before Jan. 1, 1957, are not required to provide proof of immunization.
  • Official College Transcripts (if applicable) – Provide official transcripts from all colleges attended. Per AR Code § 6-80-107 institutions within Arkansas must send electronic transcripts if possible. If you have graduated with a 4-year (bachelor’s) degree or higher, and also submit an official college transcript documenting such, the requirement of an official high school transcript may be waived. Please note that all international transcripts MUST be certified and translated into English to be considered.

Additional Information for International Students Seeking Admission to UA Cossatot Community College

International students must send their official transcripts and admissions documents through an accredited evaluation service prior to submitting them to UAC.  The student is responsible for paying for their transcript evaluation and translation.  It is also helpful if students provide translations of applicable course descriptions and/or syllabi if we do not have articulation equivalencies from their prior international institution in our course transfer tables.



Academic Advising

In order to coordinate services and assist with educational goals, each student at UA Cossatot is assigned an advisor who specializes in a particular area of study. Advisors help to guide students to academic completion through individual correspondence and follow up. Students are encouraged to make contact with their advisors each semester.    

Students planning to transfer from UA Cossatot to another college should be aware that courses completed at UA Cossatot toward a Certificate or an Associate of Applied Science Degree are designed for employment purposes and may not transfer to four-year institutions. Students seeking transferable credits should consult with their advisor before enrolling.

Grades of “D” are considered passing, but these courses may not be accepted when transferring to another institution. As a general rule, students planning to transfer to another institution should contact the Registrar’s office of the receiving school to verify transferability of courses prior to taking the course.

For additional information, please visit the following link: Course Catalog | Academic Information (

Educational Resource Center

The UA Cossatot Educational Resource Center (ERC) is an academic resource and support center striving to enrich the lives of UAC students through active learning. Working directly with Cossatot faculty, the ERC seeks to both promote higher education opportunities and help students achieve their maximum academic potential.

There is an ERC at each UA Cossatot campus in De Queen, Nashville, and Ashdown with knowledgeable staff available to assist students during hours of operation. Whether you are looking for a college math tutor or need some extra help with an upcoming essay, free tutoring services are available at each ERC along with other college resources including:

  • Several computer stations and a lounge area with comfortable seating
  • Over 10,000 tiles in print and multimedia formats
  • 24/7 access to numerous online databases and Libguides with your UAC student ID card
  • Textbook rental assistance

Please note hours of operation and any schedule changes regarding holiday hours or inclement weather online at the ERC website and at the ERC Facebook page.


Career Services at UA Cossatot is dedicated to helping our students and alumni achieve their career goals by providing a wide range of resources and support. Whether you're exploring career options, needing assistance writing a resume or cover letter, searching for job and internship opportunities, or seeking guidance on building your professional network, we're here to assist you every step of the way.


Leslie Hunt
Career Services Coordinator
Phone: (870) 584-1150
Mailing Address: 183 College Drive  DeQueen, AR 71832
Office Location: Leeper Building Room 134

Career Services:

Disability Services

Adult students with disabilities may face a variety of unique obstacles in earning a college degree, but Disability Services is here to assist in “leveling the playing field” so to speak.

UA Cossatot Disability Services
183 College Drive
DeQueen, AR 71832
Phone: (870) 584-1143
Fax: (870) 642-5088


Financial Information:

Types of Financial Aid

A grant is money set aside by both the state of Arkansas and the federal government for students who need it to pay for college. The most common federal education grant is the Pell Grant. Education grants do not need to be repaid.

Financial aid packages may include more than one type of award. However, the combined total of all awards must not exceed a student’s cost of attendance (COA). If a student’s financial aid package exceeds his/her COA, awards will be adjusted according to federal, state, and institutional guidelines.

Priority Deadlines

A priority deadline means that students that complete all financial aid and admission paperwork by this date will have their financial aid awards ready for the beginning of the semester. Students who complete financial aid and admission processes after priority dates will be awarded financial aid sometime during the semester.


  • Fall - (priority deadline) May 1
  • Spring - (priority deadline) November 1
  • Summer - (hard deadline) September 15


  • Fall - (hard deadline) May 1
  • Spring - (hard deadline) November 1

Apply for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)

Students are encouraged to apply by April 1. This gives students the best chance of receiving state aid that is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Students apply for Federal Financial Aid by completing the FAFSA each year.

The FAFSA will require the student's household information. The spouse's information will also be required if the student is married. Students under 24 are generally required to submit their parent's information.

 Complete UA Cossatot Admission Application

Complete the online admissions application or meet with an advisor at a campus for assistance. UA Cossatot will only award financial aid after a student has successfully completed our admissions process.

 Complete FAFSA

Submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) through the U.S. Department of Education. If this is your first time completing a FAFSA, start by getting your Federal Student Aid ID

Note: The following school code is required for the FAFSA and UA Cossatot financial aid applications: 012432

  Submit Additional Information

You may be selected for a process called Verification. If selected, you will be notified of any requirements through the mail. Promptly submit the requested information to avoid delays. See below for the Process for Financial Aid Verification.

 Review your award

Once your financial aid awards have been processed, you will receive an award letter at your email address on the FAFSA. Returning students can also Review Financial Aid in Campus Connect.

Cost of Attendance


Installment Payment Plan Option

This Automatic Online Payment Plan can be accessed by logging into Campus Connect, selecting the Account Info menu, and then clicking Payment Plan.

Parents and students who do not have access to Campus Connect can access Payment Plan options here.

Students need to have payment plans set up by the first day of classes of the semester attending. The Automatic Online Payment Plan is for tuition and fees only. Book rental fees attached to a course may be included in the payment plan, but other books and supply costs cannot be charged. Changes to a student’s schedule may result in the adjustment of the payment amount.

To participate:

  • Students must have a checking or savings account, or a credit card.
  • There is a $25.00 set-up fee per semester to use the Automatic Online Payment Plan for credit students.
  • Payments are drafted on the 5th (fifth) of each month until the account is paid in full.

Pay As You Go Options


QuikPAY” is another option for student e-billing and e-payment. QuikPAY is also accessible from Campus Connect under the Account Info. menu. QuikPAY allows students to make electronic payments in real time from their checking, saving and/or credit cards. A student may pay their account personally or may set up a parent or other responsible party as an “authorized” payer to access and pay on their account. Through QuikPAY, student bills may be paid in full or in smaller uniform payments each month throughout the semester. 

In addition to making payments in QuikPAY, student awaiting a Financial Aid Refund may elect to receive their refund through a Direct Deposit.  Direct Deposit information must be entered through QuikPAY.  Students may also select to receive an e-bill notification on their account by text or alternate email address through QuikPAY.


Students may also pay their tuition and fees directly to the UA Cossatot Business Office in person or by phone at any of the three campuses.


Contact the UA Cossatot Business Office at 870-584-1215, 870-584-1113, or

Return of Title IV Policy

This requirement applies to students who receive federal student aid (Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants, but not Federal Work-Study) and completely terminate enrollment prior to completing 60% of the enrollment period.

Termination of enrollment can be the result of any of the following actions: 

  • Student initiates an official withdrawal  from UA Cossatot
  • Student is administratively dropped by instructors from all courses due to non-attendance.
  • Student is administratively withdrawn from all courses as a result of disciplinary action.
  • Students receiving all F’s are considered to have unofficially withdrawn. The drop date is determined by the last day of attendance (LDA) provided by the instructor.

The amount of Title IV aid an institution must refund to the federal aid programs is determined by the Federal Return to Title IV funds formula as specified in Section 484B of the Higher Education Act. Cossatot Community College utilizes software provided by the U.S. Department of Education to calculate the amount of aid that must be refunded which was initially used to pay institutional charges. The last day of attendance (LDA) provided on drop form will be utilized to document the last date of enrollment. If the drop is an unofficial drop, instructors provide LDA at the end of the semester and the Return of Title IV calculation is processed. 

UA Cossatot returns unearned aid used to pay institutional charges in the following order within 45 days of the withdrawal determination:

  1. Federal Pell Grant
  2. Federal Supplanted Educational Opportunity Grant
  3. Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants

A repayment may also be required of the student when a refund check has been issued to a student from financial aid funds in excess of the amount used to pay institutional charges that the student fails to earn by maintaining enrollment. If the student owes a repayment, the student has 45 days to repay the funding. If the student does not pay the funding within 45 days, CCCUA will notify the U.S. Department of Education that the student is in overpayment.

Students are notified by letter if the student owes funding to Cossatot Community College or the U.S. Department of Education.

If a student earns more aid than was disbursed, the student may be eligible to receive a post-withdrawal disbursement. Students are notified by mail of their eligibility for such a disbursement. A post-withdrawal of grant funds is automatically credited to the student’s account for outstanding charges.

Withdrawal from College

Students must contact Student Services ( to complete a total withdraw from the college. Contact points may include phone, email, or in-person.

Students withdrawing prior to the last day to withdraw will receive a “W” on their transcript. Failure to officially withdraw will result in an “F” being posted to the student’s transcript. It is also the student’s responsibility to pay the appropriate tuition, fees, and other charges.

For additional information, please visit the following link:

Course Catalog | Academic Information (


Campus Life:

Student Housing

UA Cossatot has a unique housing partnership with the Walker Apartments in DeQueen, Arkansas, to provide housing for students. Apartments will be available first to student athletes, and any remaining apartments will be made available to the general student population on a first come, first serve basis.


Housing Rate

Fall/Spring Term

$ 1800 per semester

Summer Term

$ 900 per semester


Housing And Residential Life Handbook

Student Organizations

As a leading community college in Arkansas, UA Cossatot seeks to provide an environment and opportunities supporting student involvement. We believe that student leadership and school involvement are part of student success, so if you think UAC should have a student organization and we don’t – let us know!

Explore how you can get involved!

Arkansas Licensed Practical Nursing Association (ALPNA): The ALPNA is designed to promote awareness and professionalism among students in the Practical Nursing program. As members of ALPNA, students exchange views with other students in similar programs at other colleges and participate in scheduled activities throughout the year.

Collegiate FFA: 
Collegiate FFA empowers values- driven pre-professionals to lead and serve in schools, businesses and communities. Collegiate FFA enhances the collegiate experience through service and engagement to create premier leaders, enable  personal growth and ensure career success. To join UAC's Collegiate FFA, students must be attending UA Cossatot and pursuing one of the following degree plans:

  • Associate of Science in Agriculture Business
  • Associate of Science in Agriculture Science
  • Associate of Science in Agriculture Education
  • Associate of Science in Natural Resources
  • Technical Certificate in Agriculture

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society recognizing academic achievement at two-year colleges. Phi Theta Kappa not only provides academic recognition but also provides assistance to students transferring to four-year institutions. To be eligible for membership, students must have acquired twelve credit hours with a GPA of 3.5. Members must maintain a GPA of 3.25 to remain in PTK.

Rotaract - Rotaract clubs bring together people ages 18 and older to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service. In communities worldwide, Rotary and Rotaract members work side by side to take action through service.

Student Occupational Therapy Association: SOTA is an organization open to all OTA Program students. Its purpose is to promote community service among its students, as well as enhance communication, interaction, and positive relationships between the OTA students at UA Cossatot and the community while ensuring students display a commitment to their educational duties.

Student Physical Therapist Assistant Club: SPTAC is an organization open to all PTA Program students. Its purpose is to promote community service among its members as well as enhance communication, interaction, and positive relationships between the PTA students at UA Cossatot and the community while ensuring students display a commitment to their educational duties.

UA Cossatot Student Ambassadors: UA Cossatot Student Ambassadors are current students who are chosen to be the face of UA Cossatot on campus and in the community. Through a joint effort with Student Services, they reach out to prospective students, sharing personal UA Cossatot experiences and successes. UA Cossatot Student Ambassadors are hard-working, honest, curious, adventurous, and have strong communication skills as well as high academic standards. In return for their service, these students receive tuition waivers and experience that aid in personal development – and fun!

Student Activities Organization (SAO): The UA Cossatot Student Activities Organization provides many different opportunities for students to get involved on campus. The main objective of the UA Cossatot Student Activities Organization is to help shape the UA Cossatot college experience by hosting events and encouraging student engagement. Our goals are to work together to raise money to host events for the students on the UA Cossatot campus and community. This organization will encourage personal development through communication, as well as encourage students to think outside the box and explore different interests.

UAC Colts College Athletic Programs

UA Cossatot Soccer

Justin Hinman has been chosen to head the new soccer program at UA Cossatot. Born and raised in Little Rock, Hinman comes to UAC from National Park College, where he was the assistant men’s and women’s soccer coach as well as the head goalkeeper coach for both Nighthawks teams.

Hinman was a goalkeeper for Little Rock Catholic High from 2013-17. He played collegiately at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK, where he was named All-Conference, and All-Region. He wrapped up his college career at the University of Dayton, where he was a part of their Atlantic 10 Championship season of 2021. He went on to be the starting goalkeeper for the Little Rock Rangers of the USL 2.justin_hinman

UA Cossatot Chancellor Dr. Steve Cole praised Hinman for his energy and his vision for the Colts’ new soccer program. “I believe Coach Hinman is a builder, and starting this fall, we will have a home for a lot of athletes, men, and women. We encourage student-athletes to come be a Colt and be a part of something special.”

Colts’ Athletic Director Stan Asumnu said he was “excited to have Coach Hinman here. Justin is bright, has some great ideas, and wants to grow the sport of soccer in Arkansas.”

Hinman is familiar with De Queen, having played against the Leopards in high school. “I’m excited to be here. I am well aware of the soccer tradition here. This is a great opportunity to expand the sport and put UA Cossatot on the map as a junior college powerhouse.”

Coach Hinman can be reached at jhinman@cccua.ed.

UA Cossatot Soccer Schedule 23-24

UA Cossatot Shooting Sports

The Colts are competing at the NJCAA Division II level in men’s and women’s clay target shooting. Brett Blackburn serves as the shooting sports coach.

UA Cossatot Chancellor Dr. Steve Cole added, “Shooting sports has become mainstream, especially in our area, and with the incredible interest from our local high school student-athletes, it just made sense for UA Cossatot to offer this sport for all men and women with interest in shooting sports.”

UA Cossatot has competed as a member of NJCAA Division II Region 2 in men’s and women’s basketball for the past three seasons. Clay target shooting is the first sport added to the UA Cossatot athletic department since joining the NJCAA, with preliminary plans for future sports under consideration. 

UA Cossatot Clay Shooting Coach Brett Blackburn said, “The shooting program will build on the foundation started by high school and Jr high students of the AYSSP program from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. We look forward to building on these skills as the student-athletes grow as citizens and competitors at the collegiate level. Go Colts!”

For more information, contact Coach Blackburn at 941-726-2245 or



Play Basketball at the University of Arkansas - Cossatot

Continue the “Colts” and “Lady Colts” tradition by practicing and competing in the restored, historic 1950s UA Cossatot Bank of Lockesburg Gymnasium in Lockesburg, AR. Under the direction of Coach Stan Asumnu, the men’s and women’s college basketball programs invite you to learn more about how to grow and hone your skills during your time as a student-athlete at UAC! 

UA Cossatot is a Division II National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) member. 


Women Basketball Schedule 23-24Men Basketball Schedule 23-24

Start Here; Go Anywhere.

College athletes at the University of Arkansas - Cossatot benefit from UAC’s small class sizes, one-on-one academic instruction opportunities, online course offerings, and affordable tuition through academic and athletic scholarships and grants while playing for the Colts. After completing their UAC education, many students will then choose to gain professional certifications or transfer to a full, 4-year university.

Eligibility and Tuition

UA Cossatot basketball student-athletes can play a maximum of 4 semesters while maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA. Students should be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester.

 It will cost students about $1,404 to take four classes (12 credit hours), including textbooks. Please visit our financial aid and scholarship links at the end of this page for further information.


Stan Asumnu
UA Cossatot Athletic Director
Office: 870-584-1145

Request More Information About The UAC Colts Basketball Program:

Fill out and submit the online Athletic Information Request form

Apply for Admission at UA Cossatot

Apply Online for Financial Aid and Tuition Assistance
UA Cossatot Scholarship Deadline  |  April 1  |
FAFSA Fall Priority Deadline  |  May 1  |
Arkansas Academic Challenge and ArFuture Grant Deadline | June 1  |
Additional Scholarship Opportunities and Tuition Waivers |

UA Cossatot is part of the NJCAA


Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) Report

Any co-educational postsecondary institution that participates in Federal student financial assistance programs and has an intercollegiate athletic program is required by section 485(g) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, 20 USC 1092(g) (also known as the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act or EADA) to prepare a report containing information regarding intercollegiate athletics.

2022 EADA Survey CCCUA pdf

Completion Certificate - Cossatot Community College of the University of Arkansas 21-22 pdf


Please note: Small athletic scholarships are also available. In addition, students will often find it possible to pay for their entire education at UA Cossatot with the Federal Pell Grant, the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship, and other UA Cossatot scholarships. Campus housing may also be available on a limited basis. 

UA Cossatot Sheild


The objective of the Center for Student Success is to provide support, resources, motivation, and assistance to all students of the college, including women, veterans, Asians, African-Americans and Hispanics as they progress through their educational experience at UA Cossatot.  

The Center for Student Success promotes diversity, unity, and overall student well-being. Collaborating with other UA Cossatot organizations, the CSS promotes unity across all campuses, provides academic and personal support for all students. 


Our mission is to provide a multicultural society through various events and activities and is committed to creating a culture where everyone is respected, appreciated, and valued.



  • Personal development
  • International student support
  • Food pantry
  • College readiness
  • Networking resources
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Action plan creation to resolve issues (personal, medical, academic, familial, etc.)
  • Student Internships 



  • Educational workshops for students
  • Health fairs for students and community members
  • Celebrations of unity and diversity creating awareness within UA Cossatot and service area communities
  • Collaboration with the region’s industries to promote diversity, place emphasis on the importance of higher education as well as provide overall community awareness
  • Networking opportunities with outside professional ethnic organizations:  Providing resources to the community and to close the diverse cultural and societal gap that exists



The Center for Student Success houses two main student programs.   

  • Student Ambassador Program
    • A UA Cossatot Student Ambassador is a student who is chosen to be the face of UA Cossatot on campus and in the community. They are an active voice for the UA Cossatot student body. Through a joint effort with Student Services and other Student Ambassadors, they reach out to prospective students, sharing personal UA Cossatot experiences and successes. UA Cossatot Student Ambassadors are hard-working, honest, curious, adventurous, and have strong communication skills and high academic standards. 


  • JAG- Jobs for America's Graduates
    • JAG is a state-based national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting young people of great promise. JAG is delivering the best results in its 40-year history, while serving youth who face significant challenges, to help them reach economic and academic success.



To view upcoming events, please LIKE the Center for Student Success Facebook page and visit the Events tab.


Erika Buenrrostro
Director of Student Success and Enrichment
870-584-1133 or

Director Student Success and Enrichment


Safety and Security:

Campus Police Information

Contact Information

Ashdown Campus Police Officer Jason Curtis
Telephone:  870-584-1476; Office Number 103 

De Queen Campus Police Officer Monte Stringfellow
Telephone:  870-584-1116; Leeper Building, Office Number 174

Nashville Campus Police Officer Lakisha Jones
Telephone: 870-584-1392; Office Number 109

Emergency Guide


When you see a fire, 

  1. Attempt to extinguish flame with fire extinguisher
  2. If fire is not extinguishable, activate nearest fire alarm
  3. Assist persons with disabilities to exit the building
  4. Get away from the building
  5. Call 911

When you hear a fire alarm,

  1. Exit the nearest available exterior door
  2. Get away from the building
  3. Call 911

Severe Weather - SEEK SHELTER

  • Move to UAC designated storm room, assisting persons with disabilities
  • Crouch near interior walls or heavy furniture
  • Cover your head

Shooting Incident- AVOID, DENY, DEFEND

AVOID- Get to a safe location then call 911

          If you can’t avoid, then:

DENY- If you can do so safely, find a safe place, get down, take cover, turn off lights, lock or barricade the door.  Call 911 if it can be done without revealing your location

          If you can’t run or deny, then

DEFEND- Fight with everything you have. 

Medical Emergency - STAY CLEAR

If trained,

  1. Administer CPR / First Aid / AED 
  2. Call 911

If not trained,

  1. Call 911
  2. Direct first responders to the location

Explosion- EVACUATE

  1. Exit the nearest available door, assisting persons with disabilities
  2. Get away from the area
  3. Call 911

Emergency Alerts

UA Cossatot Mobile App Push Notifications

Download the UA Cossatot Mobile App and enable push notifications to receive alerts to your mobile device.

Manage the type of notifications you receive by clicking on the ⓘ Information Feature at the top left corner of the screen and then selecting "Categories."

RAVE Alerts

Sign up for UA Cossatot emergency alerts by visiting 

RAVE alerts allow students, parents, and loved ones to receive real-time information about delayed class times, campus closings, emergency situations on campus via mobile phones and email. 

Students, faculty and staff are automatically created a RAVE account with their UA Cossatot email. If you have not already logged in, you will need the first-time password that was sent to your UAC email address. Once logged in, you can create your own password. If you can’t find the email with the first-time password, you can use the “Forgot my password” option. Your username is your UAC email address.


UA Cossatot will publish emergency messaging on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

There will also be a banner message displayed on the college website in the event of an incident that interrupts general operation.

UA Cossatot will also distribute emergency messaging to local news outlets in the event of an incident that interrupts general operation.

Registration and Operation of Vehicles

All UA Cossatot credit students, as well as faculty and staff, who operate vehicles and park on any UA Cossatot campus between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday are required to register their vehicle with the UA Cossatot Police Department.

Parking permits must be displayed in a visible position.  Hang tags should be displayed from the rearview mirror. 

Driving Regulations

  • The campus speed limit is 15 MPH, except when conditions warrant a slower speed.
  • All regulatory signs and pavement markings must be observed.
  • Vehicles must yield to pedestrians at all times.
  • All vehicles must be operated in a safe manner at all times.

Parking Regulations

  • Vehicles must be parked within the boundaries of a single-marked parking space.
  • Parking is prohibited on the lawn, in driveways, loading zones, or any area that is not marked for parking.
  • Double parking and parking on the wrong side of the street are violations of parking regulations.
  • If a vehicle is improperly parked, whether attended or unattended, the driver is in violation of regulations.
  • Parking in a handicapped space or other reserved parking space, without a permit, is a violation of parking regulations as well as state law.
  • Vehicles in violation of parking regulations may be towed at the owner’s expense.

**Parking and driving regulations may be enforced by warning, college ticket or state traffic ticket**

Parking Lot Safety

Most criminals are opportunistic and look for easy targets

  1.  Walk in a confident manner
  2. Be aware of your surroundings
  3. Look for the most direct route to where you are going
  4. Walk with others if you can
  5. Be aware of what is going on around you
  6. Have your keys in your hand
  7. Don’t be overloaded with “stuff”
  8. Don’t have your head buried in your phone or have earbuds on
  9. Get in your car as quickly as you can
  10. Leave quickly

If you know that you are going to be here at work after the sun sets

  1. Park your car close to where you will be exiting the building
  2. Don’t leave any valuables or loose electronic items out in the open
  3. Be aware of any potential hiding places between your exit and your car ie: shrubs, retaining walls, blind corners or other dark areas
  4. Think tactically about where you should position your car so that you have the easiest route to it, as well as a good view of your driver side door.
  5.  Should you find yourself facing a potential or suspected threat, make some noise to attract attention to yourself.   – use your car’s panic button, use a whistle, or other noisemaker.
  6. If you have a personal protection device have it in your hand

Please never hesitate to ask for help or to report something that you feel is unsafe. 

On-Campus Campus Carry

Handguns are only allowed on campus (including all classrooms) to the extent specifically authorized by state law. 

Each individual who lawfully possesses a handgun and an enhanced ARKANSAS carry permit is required to keep the handgun concealed from public view at all times and is responsible for carrying the handgun in a safe manner.

If an individual carries a concealed handgun in a personal carrier such as a backpack, purse, or handbag, the carrier must remain within the individual’s immediate vicinity (within arm’s reach). During your courses of instruction, you may be required to engage in activities that may require you to separate from your belongings such as taking a quiz or examination, and thus you should plan accordingly.

Any student who violates the concealed carry laws while on campus may be subject to criminal prosecution and/or discipline by the college, up to and including dismissal.

If you observe someone displaying a handgun or other weapon on campus, it should be reported to the UA Cossatot Police Department or another campus official immediately.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention Plan

In order to adhere to requirements and standards as set by the Higher Education Act of 1965, the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, and the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, UA Cossatot has developed a comprehensive drug and alcohol awareness and prevention plan.

Plan Objectives

  • Inform – Students and Employees about UA Cossatot policies regarding the use of drugs and alcohol, as well as the legal implications and consequences.
  • Educate – Students and Employees about the effects of drug and alcohol abuse on overall health, wellness, and social well being.
  • Support – Students and Employees struggling with drug and alcohol related issues by having referral services information and designated staff available for counsel.
  • Maintain – A drug and alcohol free environment on all UA Cossatot campuses by informing, educating, and supporting students and employees. 

Categories and Strategies

UA Cossatot has identified the major categories or groupings of strategies integral to the implementation of a comprehensive campus initiative. They are as follows:

  1. Awareness and Information: Media campaigns, social marketing, public information, large-scale events.
    • Student Handbook/UAC Catalog (already done)
    • Employee handbook (already done)
    • Counseling page of website
    • Orientation packet flyer
    • Red Ribbon Week
    • Slide broadcast on Student Services TV in Ashdown student center, Nashville café area, and DeQueen student center
  2. Targeted and Environmental Approach: Focus on the campus atmosphere, emphasis on specific audiences, including sub-populations or high-risk groups.
    • Flyers/brochures in student center and café areas
    • Module in Success Strategies (already done)
    • Student orientation
    • New employee orientation
  3. Curriculum: Courses, modules and syllabi, lectures, lesson plans.
    • Short module in Success Strategies (already done)
    • Student orientation Drug and Alcohol Awareness Self-Assessment (could be done in Success Strategies)
    • Ask ENGL Instructors to incorporate into one assignment (maybe journal entry)
    • Effects of drug and alcohol abuse on employment in Employment Strategies
  4. Peer Based Initiatives: Student led initiatives, peer education, advising.
    • One S4S hosted program/event per year (maybe around spring break)
    • One Social/Wellbeing Committee hosted program/event per year
  5. Training: Efforts for faculty, staff, students, campus leaders, others.
    • Brief session in January In-Service for employees
    • Training included in Success Strategies for students (already done)
  6. Support Services: Screening, interventions with high-risk drinkers, support groups, counseling, and referral.
    • Counseling with Student Services Counselor and/or Career Pathways Counselor for students
    • Counseling with Human Resources and/or Counselor for employees
    • Referral to appropriate agency if needed
  7. Staffing and Resources: Professional and internship personnel, position description, libraries, electronic services.
    • Student Services Staff for students
    • Human Resources/appropriate Administrator for employees
    • Kimball Library – Drug and alcohol awareness and prevention information center.
  8. Policies and Implementation: Policy development, linkages with institutional mission, procedures, dissemination, and policy review.
    • Section 2.4 Employee Handbook – Drug Free Workplace Policy
    • Section 7.3 and 7.4 Employee Handbook
    • Page 49 Student Handbook/UAC Catalog – Drug Free School Policy
    • Board Policy 464 Section F
    • Board Policy 479
    • Board Policy 533
    • These could also be cited on the Counselor’s page of website in the Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention section
  9. Enforcement: Police role, discipline process, campus judicial system.
    • Human Resources and appropriate Administrator for employees
    • Section 3.9 and 3.10 Employee Handbook
    • Page 58 Student Handbook/UAC Catalog – Student Grievance Procedures
  10. Assessment and Evaluation: Needs assessment, instrumentation, quantitative and qualitative approaches, research findings, dissemination.
    • Add “Drug and Alcohol Related Offenses” to Campus Security Report.
    • Pre-test and post-test in-service session on drug and alcohol awareness and prevention.
    • Annual student questionnaire on Survey Monkey, link emailed to students

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events to Implement the UA Cossatot Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention Plan.

Year round:

  • Information on Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention is disseminated via UA Cossatot Catalog
  • Information on Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention is available in the Kimball Library
  • Student Services Counselor and Career Pathways Counselor are available for counseling, support, and referral

Spring Semester (January – May): Success Strategies courses cover the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse


  • In-Service Session for employees on Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention
  • Employee Drug and Alcohol Survey
  • Student Drug and Alcohol Survey

February (after 11th class day):

  • Email to all students regarding UA Cossatot standards of conduct regarding the use of drugs and alcohol, description of consequences of unlawful possession, use, or distribution of drugs and alcohol on school property, description of drug and alcohol counseling, treatment, or rehabilitation programs available, description of health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and alcohol, and a clear statement that the College will impose sanctions on students who violate the standards of conduct.


  • Students 4 Students host a Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention event prior to spring break

Fall semester open enrollment (April – August):

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention implemented into orientation procedures


  • Social and Wellbeing Committee hosts a Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention event prior to faculty’s summer break

Fall Semester (August – December): Success Strategies courses cover the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse


  • In-Service Session for employees on Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention
  • Student Drug and Alcohol Survey emailed to students

September (after 11th class day):

  • Email to all students regarding UA Cossatot standards of conduct regarding the use of drugs and alcohol, description of consequences of unlawful possession, use, or distribution of drugs and alcohol on school property, description of drug and alcohol counseling, treatment, or rehabilitation programs available, description of health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and alcohol, and a clear statement that the College will impose sanctions on students who violate the standards of conduct.

Spring semester open enrollment (October – January):

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention implemented into orientation procedures


  • All UA Cossatot Campuses participate in Red Ribbon Week

UA Cossatot Policies


To submit a complaint to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, use this link: ADHE Complaints.            

To submit a complaint to the Higher Learning Commission, use this link: HLC Complaints.

The Student Right-to-Know Act, passed by Congress in 1990, requires institutions eligible for Title IV funding, under the Higher Education Act of 1965, to calculate completion or graduation rates of certificate or degree seeking students, full-time students entering that institution, and to disclose these rates to current and prospective students.  To read more about the Student Right-to-Know Act, please visit the National Center for Education Statistics website at


UA Cossatot is committed to providing an environment that emphasizes the dignity and worth of every member of its community and that is free from harassment and discrimination based upon race, color, religion, national origin, service in the uniformed services (as defined in state and federal law), veteran status, sex, age, pregnancy, physical or mental disability or genetic information. Such an environment is necessary to a healthy learning, working and living atmosphere. Accordingly, all acts of discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct are strictly prohibited.  (Also, see College Policy 206).

Training for New Students

If you are a new student with UA Cossatot, you should have received an email from "Workplace Answers" providing a link to take an online training over issues covered under Title IX.  If you have taken courses with us before, AFTER receiving your high school diploma or GED, please disregard this email for training purposes.  However, please take note that it is essential that you complete your training as soon as possible.  If you have not received your email, you should contact Justin White at immediately.  The training takes approximately 2 hours to complete but can be saved and resumed at a later time.



Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 states:

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”
Implementing Regulations at:  20 U.S.C. § 1681 & 34 C.F.R. Part 106

Title IX protects the college community from sexual discrimination, harassment and misconduct in a school’s education programs and activities. Title IX protects the college community in connection with all academic, educational, extracurricular, athletic and other college programs, whether those programs take place on college property, in college transportation, as a class or training program sponsored by the college, or at another location or elsewhere.

***All complaints or concerns about conduct that may violate policy should be submitted to the Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Assistant Coordinator or to a Title IX Deputy either in person or by calling 1-800-844-4471.

Title IX Deputies


Title IX Coordinator, Director of Student Services
     Suzanne Ward

Title IX Assistant Coordinator, Director of Human Resources
     Kelly Plunk 

Title IX Education & Prevention Deputy, Coordinator for the Center for Student Success
     Erika Buenrrostro

Title IX Deputy
     Holly Norman

Title IX Deputy
     Rachel Hikey

Title IX officials may be contacted in person, by email or by calling 1-800-844-4471
UA Cossatot has a no-tolerance policy regarding retaliation for reporting, providing information, exercising one’s rights or responsibilities, or otherwise being involved in the process of responding to, investigating, or addressing allegations of Title IX.

For additional information, please view the following link:

Title IX Information ( 

Contact Information:

Business Office - 1-870-584-1113

Financial Aid  1-870-584-1112

Student Services 1-870-584-1107

Registrar's Office 1-870-584-1163

Campus Police - 1-870-584-1116

Main Campus Receptionist - 1-870-584-4471

Voter Registration

Register to vote in Arkansas 


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